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Orders to kağıtçılıkl began in 1983 as a trade and then in 1995. Orders Printing & Advertising Co.Ltd. Our company develops its name to this day continue to provide quality services to all printing jobs in-house prepress and digital printing computer design expert staff.

Craftsmanship, as mastery of the value of labor and clean typography is known in our country move carries a huge responsibility.

Visualisation and emekçilig issue continues to isolate itself from other business groups have great speed. We not only followed most closely in this innovation, we are also working to thus strengthen their class configuration with outstanding staff.

Our goal is to offer the best to you.

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Book publishing is one of the most important parts of our business. Book publishing, but it should be made to the business of the people of mechanized company. A small amount of printing and book printing is done with a large amount in a short time and the ISBN code reception.

Printing of books, you can get support from us in the layout and cover design.

Example Planned book printing features;


250 gr. American Bristol,
One hundred 4-color printing
Optional glossy / matt cellophane
American skin or saddle stitching

Content / Pages:
60 gr. Enzo 1 dough or coated paper printing
Duplex printing single color

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Business cards are one of the important parts of a good marketing plan and first steps. At the same time the opposite side, your company or giving tips about your personality, are professional and elegant way indispensable product that is highly effective when offered the opportunity to create a first impression.

Knowledge and technology can be easily accessed by anyone, differentiation in today's world where you design the only way to start this work in your business cards, your company can transfer a better way to your style and your vision to others.

If you want to make a good impression on your customers and your business care about, simply created by our professional designers, fashionable and make your selection from the high detectability of business card design, you can not order you to easily organize your design.

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cardboard box in Istanbul, standard products on the market is not generating the printing press. If the customer what they want and what they think we are trying to evaluate the expectations in the best possible way. Production our strength, our speed and print quality, we offer you with reasonable prices. innovative, knowledgeable and professional printing solution that masters the order to delivery with our staff, we are creating awareness in the printing industry. Design and print space in which senior services, product designing, producing solutions in the printing process which is well organized and the process of managing a printing company with discipline.

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Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, pastry shop and restaurant business as the most important and widely used in the manufacture of products with the menu; Our custom design, our rich options, serving with the economic and quality printing.
Our main menu options:

  • Coated Paper cellophane printed menus
  • Wire spiral menus
  • PVC Coated menus (as coated paper or PVC coated)
  • Plaster should be one or two angled fold menus
  • Plaster cover and screw special menus production
  • Artificial skin and via hot printed menus.

Within our company and offset the menu because of the high-tech digital printing machines offer fast printing in both economic and quality solutions.

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Color Document Printing:
Our advanced technology Heidlberg digital offset printing system with our high-resolution camera, the possibility of getting prints in offset quality and speed. 15,000 hours of printing facilities! 1.Ham of the paper, including coated paper 350 g to suppress, to get quality results offset the fancy paper ...

Black - White Printing:
much more superior in quality and in minutes with our copier machine at speeds of 244 copies Track 60 grams from 300 grams to 1 possibility of printing paper pulp. Our print finisher with saddle stitching options, with 2 or 4 standard file with the opportunity to get punched output.

Enterprise Solutions:
Printed in high-volume offset printing; catalogs, brochures, magazines, books and so on. To take the original printing in small quantities of products such as offset-class facilities.
Business Cards (350 g paper printed, to get all the results in properties in cellophane offset printing), special editions of People, catalogs, brochures, magazines, Flyer, Poster, invoice Cards, Badges, Pocket Files (Presentation Files), Price Lists, Booklet, User guides, solutions without border units in offset printing quality in product labels.

Computer Operations:
High quality detailed scans (scan), or PDF archiving facility in the desired format.
multiplication materials such as CD & DVD.

Promotional Products:
Without special units limit the person, plaques, medallions, calendars, mobile phone stickers, gift tags, printed mugs, t-shirts, jigsaw prints, photo albums, mini calendars, children's designs.
PVC - Laminating:
PVC or cellophane applications on a compatible printing after printing according to the preferences and the intended use. (Matte or Glossy)

After our offset printing machines automatically include parts with a professional:
Wire stitched catalogs, booklets and so on. We çözümlemekt quickly offset products such as our Track.
Wire and plastic spirals, books and thesis skin, backrest and screw skin, skin stitched and plastering, professional American Binding

Inside - Outside Prints:
Brenda, vinyl, foils, banners, posters, photoblock, forex, Roll Up

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Packaging and box shape and type of production

Packaging, storage and protection of the product and has versatile functions such as promotion and sale of both brands. The simple folding boxes of packaging product portfolio, specially designed for luxury products are used in high-quality back to the box. We respond to the very diverse and complex production printing in the packaging sector.

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Besides our personalized design applications; Letterhead, Memo Pad, Brochure (Leaf), Pocket File, Spiral Notebook, Flyer, Invoice, Insert, Catalog, Business Card, Printed Document, Cube, Windowless Diplomat Envelope, Pyramid, Collection Receipt, Bag Envelope, Calendar etc.

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Unless more products are well designed without printing, unfortunately, all the work, labor and money has been made. We have tried to benefit from the opportunities provided by technology from our first establishment and we have reflected on all our employees that a well designed job is the basis of healthy production.

Nowadays, wherever we turn our heads, we encounter a graphic or design that wants to give us a message and try to attract our attention. This applies to the event, for every product you can think of. To understand the importance of graphics and design in printing, the work to be done in a way that can be produced without any problems.

In this way, we offer our customers faster, creative and dynamic ideas every day. Our Graphic & Design team designs, prepares and prepares all kinds of your business in the most suitable way for printing.

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Our advantage is that we can carry out all post-printing operations within our organization. Orders as a business from the state of design until the last moment under the orders are produced. Thus, we will provide you with a 100% controllable process.

After printing, it can be divided into many parts in itself and printed with beautiful details of the job is a section that allows you to add various details. Here, there are many alternatives ranging from shaped slabs to partial lacquers, foil gilding, cellophane and gofre (relief).

Our expert team is confident that the products meet customer needs and aims to achieve the highest quality.

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As the printing orders; Our goal in our work, we have our proficiency printing company, our experienced human resources, the solutions we bring our high technology and creative solutions team is to create print projects can reap the benefits of budget spent by the company. It will be designed specifically for your company to
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