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Color Document Printing:
Our advanced technology Heidlberg digital offset printing system with our high-resolution camera, the possibility of getting prints in offset quality and speed. 15,000 hours of printing facilities! 1.Ham of the paper, including coated paper 350 g to suppress, to get quality results offset the fancy paper ...

Black - White Printing:
much more superior in quality and in minutes with our copier machine at speeds of 244 copies Track 60 grams from 300 grams to 1 possibility of printing paper pulp. Our print finisher with saddle stitching options, with 2 or 4 standard file with the opportunity to get punched output.

Enterprise Solutions:
Printed in high-volume offset printing; catalogs, brochures, magazines, books and so on. To take the original printing in small quantities of products such as offset-class facilities.
Business Cards (350 g paper printed, to get all the results in properties in cellophane offset printing), special editions of People, catalogs, brochures, magazines, Flyer, Poster, invoice Cards, Badges, Pocket Files (Presentation Files), Price Lists, Booklet, User guides, solutions without border units in offset printing quality in product labels.

Computer Operations:
High quality detailed scans (scan), or PDF archiving facility in the desired format.
multiplication materials such as CD & DVD.

Promotional Products:
Without special units limit the person, plaques, medallions, calendars, mobile phone stickers, gift tags, printed mugs, t-shirts, jigsaw prints, photo albums, mini calendars, children's designs.
PVC - Laminating:
PVC or cellophane applications on a compatible printing after printing according to the preferences and the intended use. (Matte or Glossy)

After our offset printing machines automatically include parts with a professional:
Wire stitched catalogs, booklets and so on. We çözümlemekt quickly offset products such as our Track.
Wire and plastic spirals, books and thesis skin, backrest and screw skin, skin stitched and plastering, professional American Binding

Inside - Outside Prints:
Brenda, vinyl, foils, banners, posters, photoblock, forex, Roll Up

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If you want to print your calendars in color or in black and white, you can also take your exams at orders.

EMİRLER Ozalit Copier At Ozalit Stationary, your qualitative exits are taken in high quality machines first and in Heidelberg machines.

  • 1 Dough paper printing on various grammages
  • Up to 152 cm width
  • Up to 70x100 printing capacity on paper, Sholler, etc.
  • American bristol and japanese bristol
  • Your blueprints can be delivered in either Color or Black & White.
  • Thread Reduction - enlargement
  • The offset prints are automatically folded.

Trigger output, blueprint reduction reduction, cardboard shooting, blueprint output, plan copy, autocad output are printed as fast as possible.

EMİRLER In localization, your output outputs can be scanned with high resolution. The output is delivered to you in color scanning or in black and white scanning.

PDF, jpg, tiff has the possibility to scan in the current format.

All your specifications are folded and delivered to you with automatic folding machines.

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